Success Stories

The talented Dr. Su back at it with our beautiful patient, Xiao. We couldn’t be happier to give such a kind and beautiful person the healthy, confident smile that she deserves!

We’re still not over this restoration @drharshilboghara pulled off for our patient Amy! How gorgeous does her smile look??!

Sarah’s results with another Dr. H #Smile4Life. So excited to have been able to give Sarah her smile back, no one deserved it more!

Dr. Su back at it with another gorgeous smile makeover- this time with our amazing patient, Frances (just in time for her reunion!). Can’t wait to complete the bottom!

Dr. H is back at it again, this time with our amazing patient, Micheal! Awesome to help him achieve the confident smile that he deserves. Looking forward to finishing the bottom as well

Congrats to our amazing patient, Amber! We couldn’t be more excited to give such a beautiful person inside and out the smile that she deserves. All the best in nursing school Amber, we know your smile will brighten up your patients’ days just like it does ours!

Dr. H back at it again with another signature #Smile4Life , this time with our patient, Jennifer! So #grateful to be able to help such a smart and beautiful young woman achieve her smile goals. Can’t wait to finish her bottoms!