Treating TMJ & Migranes

Want relief from TMJ pain or tension headaches?
Botox treatment may be the solution for you.

Many patients suffer from excruciating migraine pain several days a week, and whether this happens to you every week or a few times a year, there’s a good chance that Botox could help eliminate a major portion of your suffering. You see, there are many aspects to migraine and headache pain. One major reason for the pain is your muscles. You have very strong muscles surrounding your head and face and neck, and sometimes these muscles act up and start to cramp. When this happens, the muscles can’t release and it results in excruciating pressure and tension.

We routinely help our patients reduce and eliminate migraines and headaches. Some of our patients are now headache free after decades of suffering. To find out if your migraines or headaches may be helped by Botox, call us to schedule a consultation, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Botox is used to stop muscle contraction but also relieves pain by preventing nerves from releasing inflammatory molecules. Botox inactivates the nerve endings that cause muscles to contract, eliminating involuntary contractions in the jaw. Typical Botox treatment for TMJ/TMD includes around 50-60 units with the effects lasting about 3 months.


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